DeSeta Studios - Peace SymbolDeSeta Studios is a consultant and supplier of creative elements in a wide variety of artistic and business categories.

Originally conceived as a design & construction firm producing sets for some twenty Off & Off Off-Broadway shows, constructing two Off-Broadway theatres, The Garrick on Bleecker Street and Stage 73 on East 73rd Street and reconstructing The Playhouse on the Hudson in Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, NY.

It has since expanded into designing living and office space in some thirty SOHO loft buildings, renovating townhouses, designing country homes and lately into landscaping.

Our design for The Fender Bass Company of a computer driven music house in which the flexible mirror walls and poured plastic floors moved to the beat of a recorded soundtrack won awards at the NMMA convention in Chicago and set a decade of standards for computer guided design projects

Our next step was into the field of fashion, creating the body jewelry trend of the early seventies. Producing award winning designs under our own and Anne Klein’s labels.

Along the way, owner Bill DeSeta branched out into designing film sets, special effects and sometimes costumes for some dozen, feature films as well as parts of three TV series.

Concurrent with our design work we expanded into photography, concentrating on portraiture, fashion and reportage; creating many album covers during the folk era, covering our own jewelry designs for advertising and promotion, creating our Nude Peace Symbol, poster and developing, The Woodnymphs, a book of woodland nudes.

Town Hill Productions, LLC, is a fully owned subsidiary of DeSeta Studios concentrating on Independent Film production. It currently has a slate of three films in development.

80th Street Realty, LLC, is the real estate arm of DeSeta Studios.

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