Dark Nights in the City

Dark Nights in the City, is about the reality of expectations and the difference between what we are told and what actually exists. It’s also about the questions we all ask ourselves as we attempt to define who we are and weigh that person against the person we really want to be.

Amid the chaos that was Greenwich Village in the ‘60s young Danny Cerutti is trying to live a meaningful life, explore the possibilities of a career as a photographer and meet the woman all the movies tell him he deserves.

Seven deaths; a co-worker, an unknown child and two young women, one a friend, the other a lover; as well as those of three predators provide the story’s framework, each death affecting Danny in a different way, each forcing him to consider different aspects of his life in relation to them, each helping him to progress to a point where the questions, if not the answers, are at least beginning to make sense.

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Elements of Chance

This book is about a righteous man in a bent world; a man who allows his sense of duty to be twisted by an all encompassing need for revenge which leads to a horrible catastrophe. It is only years later, when the men he served are trying to kill, him that he finally comes to understand; there is no escape, there is only conclusion.

This book is also about two kinds of hubris; the first taints the corridors of power, infecting those who inhabit them with the false conceit that a strategy will work simply because it is they who have conceived it; the second blinds such men to any reality that conflicts with their own desires and ultimately to the concept of chance, the existence of a whole world of happenstance, seething with events they can neither foresee nor control but which ultimately are destined to become the final arbiters of everything they do.

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Grievous Bodily Harm

Digger Charleston solves problems. All you need is a big bankroll or a mess of trouble and you've got his undivided attention. That's why Emory Taggert, billionaire political king- maker has Digger's number on his speed dial.

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Framed and Hung

When the mob collides with the art world it’s impossible to see who’s the bigger thief or who runs the best scam.

At a time following W.W. II, Don Vincenzo Castiglione moves with his family and entourage from Palermo, Sicily to New York City.

Don Vincenzo quickly establishes himself as the Capo di tuti Capi of the New York underworld.

Shortly thereafter Don Vincenzo's only daughter, Carmen Maria, a slightly overweight virgin in need of minimal orthodontia, arrives at marriageable age. Despite the Don's other preferences she marries the extremely handsome if somewhat ineffectual Dominic Annunciato and a short time later their son Anthony is born.

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Racing September

In the lives of the fortunate, there is a period of time or a series of events that alter their perspective just enough to expose them to the possibilities available in a world, almost without limits. For teenager Danny Cerutti that time was the summer of 1953.

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