Racing September

In the lives of the fortunate, there is a period of time or a series of events that alter their perspective just enough to expose them to the possibilities available in a world, almost without limits. For teenager Danny Cerutti that time was the summer of 1953.

His regular summer job is gone, victim of a fatal factory accident. A frantic search, across the river in Manhattan, leads to a job at the Eighth Street Bookshop, hanging out at The Riviera, The Five Oaks and The Whitehorse and a tour of the local party scene.

His fortunes soar when he inherits "The Indian", a monster motorcycle, from an army bound cousin and it attracts the delicate and dazzling, "older woman", Kitty Harman. Their passionate affair ends abruptly with her departure for Hollywood but he has already fallen helplessly in love.

A chance encounter with drinker, lecher, newly published novelist and professional hitchhiker, Zack Medgars provides an opportunity to go after Kitty but they are barely across the state of Pennsylvania when Zack deserts him for the bed of a friend's wife and he is forced to continue alone.

The story is about the trip, Danny's search for Kitty, their humiliating reunion and the race to get back to New Jersey before his parents return from overseas.

The book is about journeys, one across a country, the other through a spectrum of experience and how their acquirements affect and shape him. It's also the stories of the people he meets, helpful or obstructive, friendly or hostile, simple or bizarre, all involved, all part of the story, all there to help, hinder or become otherwise involved in his quest.

It's about a time and a world that were different but people who were very much the same.

Racing September - Excerpt