Grievous Bodily Harm

Digger Charleston solves problems. All you need is a big bankroll or a mess of trouble and you've got his undivided attention. That's why Emory Taggert, billionaire political king- maker has Digger's number on his speed dial.

 The current problem is tabloid reporter Una Calligan. Una's beautiful, talented, controversial and dead. An investigation of her death could involve any number of Taggert's inner circle so he hits the button marked Charleston and Vivian Chan, Digger's exotic secretary tells her boss it's time.

Digger's anticipating a well paid walk in the park until he trips over an epidemic of violent and humiliating death involving Una's, less than ethical, co-workers.

Things get complicated when a number of new bedfellows surface from among Taggert's murky circle of associates. First there's Brent Knowlton, the presidential candidate of the fundamentalist right; then there's The Message Holders, a mysterious brotherhood bent on launching a new-world religious crusade and just to balance things out there's Famous Flesh magazine, flagship of a mammoth porn empire that seemingly gets its publicity and therefore a great deal of its income, from the Message Holders vocal opposition.

There's also an assortment of psychologically damaged sirens, all somehow connected to Taggert and his bed—and to complete this bizarre collection of misfits; a seemingly deranged father and son bent on avenging the memory of a misused groupie.

As the focus of the investigation moves from a clutch of dead paparazzi to a shamelessly abused young woman and finally to Taggert's burgeoning empire and bizarre lifestyle, Digger finds himself faced with a life threatening decision. Will he honor his self-imposed dictates and protect his client against any and all eventualities or will he respond to a wave of condemning evidence and expose the vicious secrets he has been hired to protect.

It's a decision that will leave Digger and his associates trapped in a maelstrom of violence, betrayal and death.

Grievous Bodily Harm - Excerpt