Season of Fear

A beautiful ex-con trying to support a toddler and a dying mother, falls prey to her scheming ex-lover’s murderous plot to kidnap his sister and extort his wealthy father.

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Grievous Bodily Harm

Take one hard case problem solver with a giant sidekick; one billionaire industrialist with a seemingly simple problem, add women, politics and greed, shake vigorously and watch it turn into a dictionary of corruption and multiple murder.

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Life in the Abstract

When a clan of artists, agents, gallery owners and models gather to celebrate their matriarch's birthday the possibilities are endless. Love affairs, lusty engagements and family conflict over the state of art are the order of the day.

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Mabatha File

Young Parisian ex-pats locked in a deadly struggle to uncover the lies behind the cover-up of a brutal industrial atrocity.

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