Season of Fear

A beautiful ex-con trying to support a toddler and a dying mother, falls prey to her scheming ex-lover’s murderous plot to kidnap his sister and extort his wealthy father.

Terri Lynn the girl from poverty row and Carter Henry, the handsome scion of the richest family in the county were high school lovers. He left for college and a series of failed careers while she married Cal Cawley, the good-ole-boy who knocked her up and used her for a punching bag until the night she emptied a .38 in his chest.

Now, five years later, Terri is out of prison, attempting to overcome the stigma of being a murderess, care for her dying mother and raise a child in a small town that understands her act but shrinks from its brutality.

Carter too has returned, fleeing failure, to the home of a father he hates and who in turn, despises him. In his bitter state he has hatched a plot to fake the kidnapping of his drug addicted sister Leni, in order to extort money from their dying father.

Terri and Carter meet in a local bar. Desperate for money, unable to find work and emotionally flayed by her prison experience, Terri is easy prey for her former lover who involves her first in a passionate affair and then in the plot.

An out-of-control Leni can't keep it together long enough to do her part and although the money is paid, the scam begins to unravel.

A handsome Deputy Sheriff has seemingly become interested in Terri and at the point of her deepest involvement in the kidnapping, he informs her that he has convinced the Sheriff she is deserving of a second chance, a clerical job at the Police Station.

To avoid suspicion she takes the job.

Leni is found dead, forcing Terri and Carter to dispose of her body. Its subsequent discovery changes the Sheriff's already active suspicions into a full-scale investigation.

As she starts her new job Terri finds herself in the unique and terrifying position of watching the noose as it tightens, inexorably, around her own neck.

Other conspirators come to light and hidden character relationships are revealed. The pressure of the investigation leads to a series of surprise twists, as the plot thunders toward a violent resolution against the background of a raging waterfall.

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