Violent Occupations

Her brother’s murdered, her sister’s blowing up buildings, she needs serious help—and she knows where to find it.

Carla Hershey and her partner Sai Chan are just trying to make a living with their struggling Village bar, The Tin Angel. They conjure some questionable support by setting up a deal to sell guns to a blossoming SA revolution. Carla’s world explodes when, her brother Todd is murdered by forces trying to keep his crusading newspaper stories from crushing a billion dollar real estate development. The family tree continues to crumble when her little sister, Kathy is involved in the bombing of the Rockefeller Foundation for Pan American Studies.

Carla is besieged on all sides; the killers of her brother think his incriminating files are hidden in her loft, the FBI thinks she is hiding Kathy someplace in the Village and just so she doesn’t get bored there’s a drug dealer using The Tin Angel’s john as a show room for his goods.

The weapons sale she needs to keep the bar open falls apart when Tolan, her former lover, who has agreed to buy the guns, trashes them as useless relics. At this point the mobsters who have torn apart her loft and tried to kill her realize that they are hunting the wrong sister and along with the FBI start looking for Kathy.

Carla turns to Tolan and his partner Quint, a couple of hard case mercenaries, for help in rescuing her sister and finding the killers of her brother. Both men are well equipped for the job, which leads them from gun battles on the docks to a deadly encounter in a Jersey junk yard and the final shootout in a Westchester mansion.

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