Mabatha File

Young Parisian ex-pats locked in a deadly struggle to uncover the lies behind the cover-up of a brutal industrial atrocity.

A Noir thriller set in Paris. A trio of young ex-pats; a street tough American jazz musician, a beautiful, Italian Internet journalist and a genius Welch hacker, become involved in an international plot to cover up the accidental destruction of a chemical lab in The Republic of the Congo and the subsequent deaths of over two thousand workers and their families.

It starts with the hacker, Tyler Becker when he is hired by Morgan Nail, a private security investigator to hack the files of ICS&S, a huge Internet storage facility. Nail is looking for proof that a dam, built by his clients, was destroyed by the French industrial giant, Claremont Chemical, to cover up evidence of their culpability in the lab catastrophe.

Tyler hacks the files of ICS&S but, their security people, discover his intrusion. While still working on breaking into the files he runs into an old girlfriend, Lydie Rousseau, daughter of the Claremont CEO, David Rousseau, and they renew their earlier affair.

Tyler brings the files to Baptiste, owner of Open City, a wannabe WikiLeaks and when his people start going through the files Baptiste discovers the information about the lab destruction. He gives the story to Carla Sandrelli, the Italian journalist who is romantically involved with Jude Atkins, the jazz musician. Soon all are involved in the chaos created by the discovery of Tyler's cracking of the ICS&S files but it is only when Open City is burned by Claremont security thugs and Baptiste's secretary is murdered that things really heat up.

Lydie, who hates her father, helps Carla and Tyler authenticate the lab file by calling her sister Chloe, a nurse in the Congo who immediately returns to Paris. Soon all are in full flight from the Rousseau's security people, who trash Carla's apartment and Tyler's barge and subsequently trap Lydie and Chloe on the barge where Chloe is killed.

Meanwhile Nail's partner, Dasha, a dazzling and deadly Russian has entered the fray and kills the men who are trying to trap Carla.

The trail eventually leads back to Claremont and Rousseau but it seems like he will be able to slide out of all the problems when, accommodations are made by the corporate parties involved. Rousseau attends the funeral of Chloe where he comes face to face with his despondent ex-wife and his furious daughter and where justice is finally meted out.

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