River Rats (TV Pilot Script)

In the waters, the alleys and the bedrooms of the island that is the greatest city in the world, the River Rats of New York's Harbor Patrol battle crime, terrorism and each other in the daily drive to keep the city safe and themselves sane.

River Rats is a one-hour drama series featuring NYPD's most elite unit, The Harbor Patrol. The script presents a series of well-defined, eccentric characters, developed in a gritty urban setting, framed in the structure of the NYPD but dealing as much with their personal lives as with their service.

Because the city is a port, its principal borough an island and its entire area adjacent to water, it will present the, as yet unexplored, advantage of viewing the city from an entirely new point of view. Think Miami Vice meets Hill Street Blues in the Big Apple, updated and with an edge.

Previous TV series about NYC have concentrated on the gritty reality or the posh grandeur of the city as seen from within. River Rats will do that but it will also, for the first time, view the entirety of the city from a glorious new perspective, one that has not previously been exploited.

River Rats is not a procedural, drama but rather a mix of action and character with continuing story lines in the vein of Hill Street Blues. To that end I have added brief character descriptions below.

The two-hour pilot plot, written as a feature script, contains elements of action and intrigue involving terrorists, gunrunners and white slavers as well as interdepartmental and political infighting and an in-depth investigation of the personal lives of the main characters. During a previous spate of interest in the project I developed over one hundred A & B story lines edgy enough for cable, structured enough for prime time.

Character Outlines

Zack "Glider" Thomas: A rich man's son in a battle with the bottle. An Ivy League law school grad who went the street route. A sucker for an ex-wife who makes Paris Hilton look like a nun. A good cop with too many problems; always on the brink of disaster.

Frank "Chi Chi" Burgos: From ghetto gang banger to police force poster boy. An upwardly mobile family man, with an inexplicable fear of marriage. He's Zack's partner, a stable influence in most respects but a ticking time bomb in others.

Maggie Fargo: Out of Hell's Kitchen and onto the force. Pursuing a career to create an identity. Tough and sexy, she loves men ,,, and women, but she loves danger more.

Captain Robert Caridi: The leader, protector and instructor of the River Rats. He has an unfaithful wife who he almost never sees and two teenagers who don't know him. The politician's intellectual who manipulates worlds within worlds. The consummate cop, with definite plans to be a legendary mayor.

Victor Leong: The immigrant story that has always been the NYPD. Where Irish, Italians, Blacks and Hispanics trod, he is the new torch-bearer. Educated and intelligent, he's also tough and extremely competent.

They are the heart of the River Rats, battling criminals, their own personal demons and each other on the waters and along the streets of the most dynamic island in the world.

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