Charlemagne's Cross

When a beautiful woman steps off a barstool and slips him a key, Martin Treadwell thinks he’s about to get lucky. What he gets is almost killed—more than once.

Charlemagne's Cross is a sophisticated murder mystery set in present day New York and peopled by denizens of the art and entertainment worlds. It's hero is a modern day everyman, beset by the familiar problems of supporting himself, his ex-wife and his child, who finds himself entangled in a series of murders when he is presented with the opportunity to acquire, illegally, a rare treasure of staggering value and sinister reputation.

The key to a locker, surreptitiously slipped into his hand by a beautiful woman on the night she is murdered, leads special effects designer Martin Treadwell on a journey through the darkest regions of the art world. He becomes involved with a pair of competing dealers, neither of whom will balk at murder and their various associates, all of whom revel in it, as they search for the fabulously valuable antiquity known as Charlemagne's Cross.

In his search, Treadwell is assisted by a bawdy, rollicking, Bronx born, professional Irishman, an aging art restorer who spends his days puzzling over long finished chess matches, an IRA gunman caught in the middle of an illegal arms deal and a stunning actress, the lover of the murdered woman.

The search is a puzzle of dead ends and blind alleys, and as the body count rises and a series of surprise twists lead in unexpected directions, a millionaire undertaker, a collector of professional sports franchises and great art, waits impatiently for his prize.

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