Second Hand Thieves

When a down and out private eye and an alcoholic bush pilot sign on to search the Caribbean for a missing heiress they never expect to stumble over an ATF operation involving Saudi terrorists, Brit gunrunners and a nuclear bomb. Their inclination is to give the whole thing a wide berth—until they discover a twenty million dollar payday begging to be taken.

When down and out private eye Mitch Swope signs on to track a troublesome heiress and her spoiled girlfriend he has no idea that the search will lead him to a twenty million dollar nuclear weapon and clashes with the CIA, ATF, an island gunrunner and a band of Saudi led terrorists. The search begins in the drug dens and skell infested biker bars of south Florida and culminates on a series of evilly occupied Caribbean islands that make Dante's layers of hell look like the beach at St. Bart's.

Along the way Mitch hooks up with bush pilot Clay Cooper and together they recruit a rag tag cadre that includes the lusty widow of a murdered ship captain, an aging con man and Clay's teenage daughter.

Early on, they find the missing girls and return the survivor to her lawyer but in the process they cross paths with a beautiful undercover ATF agent who has infiltrated the gang of gunrunners and tries to use Mitch and Clay as messengers.

The payoff is too tasty to pass up so Mitch, Clay and their crew determine to subvert the operation and make off with the payoff money. This brings them into direct conflict with Brit gunrunner, Clive Nevins and his deadly henchman, Eddie Flynn who dispatch a series of colorful island dregs to kill them.

Nevins and Flynn aren't the only obstacles Mitch and Clay have to overcome as they find themselves in the center of an ominous triangle constructed of ex-KBG agents trying to sell the warhead, a Saudi terrorist trying to buy it and an ATF director trying to stymie the whole business

Mitch, Clay and their quirky crew survive the entanglement and are able to liberate the money through the dare devil flying exploits of Clay's daughter and an acrobatic friend.

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