Violent Occupations

Her brother’s murdered, her sister’s blowing up buildings, she needs serious help—and she knows where to find it.

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Second Hand Thieves

When a down and out private eye and an alcoholic bush pilot sign on to search the Caribbean for a missing heiress they never expect to stumble over an ATF operation involving Saudi terrorists, Brit gunrunners and a nuclear bomb. Their inclination is to give the whole thing a wide berth—until they discover a twenty million dollar payday begging to be taken.

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Charlemagne's Cross

When a beautiful woman steps off a barstool and slips him a key, Martin Treadwell thinks he’s about to get lucky. What he gets is almost killed—more than once.

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Poison the Land

Two murders, a radioactively poisoned Native American family and rumors of a violent tribal activist bring a New York reporter to the Black hills of South Dakota where she uncovers a world of violence and deep set prejudice.

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River Rats (TV Pilot Script)

In the waters, the alleys and the bedrooms of the island that is the greatest city in the world, the River Rats of New York's Harbor Patrol battle crime, terrorism and each other in the daily drive to keep the city safe and themselves sane.

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