The Blue Saxophone

by Lazlo Szabo

Every musician says he’d do it, but who would actually kill a man just to make a record? Ronnie Collins would, over and over and over.

Paris based, American sax player, Ronnie Collins exists on the edge. The edge of success, the edge of failure, the edge of oblivion.

His group is red hot, appearing nightly at Le Sunset, a jazz joint near St. Germain-des-Pres but Collins, edgy, hard drinking and fast with his fists is constantly pushing the envelope, challenging the fates.

It starts with a besotted ramble through the Paris night anda drunken brawl that leads to a chance encounter withCharlie, a street tough vixen who follows him to his bed from where they embark on a love/hate relationship that is doomed to end in heartbreak.

His drinking and his mouth lead him into further trouble when his anger at the addition of a rock guitar player leads to an argument with the American businessman who was about to finance the group's recording session. The argument ends in a fight after which the financing is yanked.

Crushed and in a state of despair Collins embarks on a monumental binge which ends in a chance encounter with Dixie a mercenary war buddy and an offer that will allow him to finance the record session himself.

Desperate to make the record and prove that he is not a failure, Collins accepts Dixie's offer to act as a contract killer and successfully carries out his assignment not realizing that this Faustian bargain has now changed his life forever.

Once in, never out is the rule of the game and by threatening Charlie's life his mysterious employers force Collins to carry out murder after murder.

Charlie is crazed by jealousy, mistakenly assuming that Collins new found wealth comes from another woman and she is finally driven away by a mixture of that jealousy and fear generated by the employer’s threats.

The story comes full cycle when Collins music becomes a success without him and he and Dixie are set against each other and then ambushed by their employer. Dixie is killed and a mortally wounded Collins retreats to a small park where he is found by Charlie, only to die in her arms.

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